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Fundraising Program

Ticket Fundraisers

Are you looking for new and exciting fundraising ideas for your team or organization? Through the Philadelphia Wings Fundraising Program, your group will be able to fundraise AND enjoy an exciting team-building outing at a Philadelphia Wings home game! Youth Teams, Scout Troops, Charities, High School Teams, College Teams, Elementary Schools, Fire & Police Departments, PTA Groups and more are groups that have taken advantage of this exclusive opportunity to fundraise.


For a minimum ticket purchase your team or group will have to chance to sell Launch-a-balls at a Wings game. Each fan that purchases a ball is given a number. The fans then throw the balls on to the field post-game. The fan that gets the ball closest to the center target receives half of the pot!. Your team or group will receive the other half!

This fun an interactive way to fundraise really gets every member of the team involved and is great for any group!

For more information to schedule your organization for a LAUNCH-A-BALL call a Wings Representative at 215-389-WING (9464)

Ask how you can make your trip to the Wells Fargo Center memorable. Have your group on the turf or meet a player after the game!

How It Works:
Organizations and teams can consign blocks of highly discounted Lower Level Corner or Row End tickets to one (or more) of the eight Philadelphia Wings home games for half price, $15. Teams and organizations may then re-sell these tickets to friends, family, neighbors and throughout their community at their own price determination, keeping the difference for their organization, team or charity.
Do The Math:
Many lacrosse teams and organizations mark their tickets up $5 to $10 on the "re-sale". If your high school has 60 players between JV and Varsity (at minimum) and each is responsible for selling at least 5 tickets to friends and family - then your organization can move 300 tickets easily, and raise between $1,500 to $3000.
Added Group Experiences:
Incentivize your team or organization to achieve their desired fundraising goal with our exclusive group experiences. Talk to our Wings Sales Staff with about ways to make your experience more memorable. Some of the available opportunities include:
- The chance to play or perform on the Wings turf
- Participate in a meet and greet with Wings players or
- Meet the Angels Dancers and our mascot, Mad Dog
To plan your fundraiser with the Wings TODAY, please call (215) 389-WING (9464) OR email wingstickets@comcast-spectacor.com