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Name:  Sara                         
Nickname: Slinky
Birth Date: December 16,1988                          
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA 
Height: 5’3”               
Eye Color: Brown                                                                                
College: DeSales University     
Major: Dance
Occupation: Dancer and Casino Cocktail Server
Who is your biggest role model?
My sister because she can conquer absolutely any obstacle.

If you could pick any celebrity to play in a movie, who would it be?
Anna Kendrick. She is so talented and adorable.
What is the best dish you can cook?
Chicken Alfredo. It's simple and delicious.

Which bad habits drive you crazy?
People who don't tip.
What is one thing you are very good at (besides dancing)?
Being a great friend. Friendship is extremely important to me.

What do you do for exercise?
Running, yoga, zumba. Taking classes is more fun to me than just simply going to the gym.

What do you remember most about your high school prom?
The dancing. My friends and I didn't leave the dance floor.

If you had to pick your favorite sport to watch, what would it be?
In one word, how would you describe yourself?

What is an interesting fact about you?
My dream is to go to California to get my masters in Dance Choreography and one day be a choreographer on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.